Since opening up Pinterest accounts for businesses, Pinterest has been adding tools, like analytics, to help businesses see their return on Pinterest posts.  In this visual social media atmosphere, checking on the analytics of the boards and specific pins can help determine what pins are receiving the most attention.  We are still testing out the business aspect of pinning for The Legal Boutique, but if your business involves providing DIY tutorials and product shots, pinning those shots could be a great way to maximize and repurpose your blog posts. 

Now, this wouldn't be The Legal Boutique blog if we didn't add a legal spin on pinning.  For business pins, make sure it is your original content you are pinning and you are not repinning someone else's content and claiming it to be yours - as similar as the service or product may be.  And given the recent copyright concerns over Pinterest pins and repins, as the pinner you may be responsible for any intellectual property infringement.  On the other hand, if you see others pinning your shots and you find them to be infringing on your intellectual property, see Pinterest's policies on copyrights and trademarks.


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