In March, Facebook published their Asset and Logo Guidelines, which provides strategies for Facebook users in using and marketing Facebook materials.  In the guide, they show various marketing and design techniques such as color combinations for the logo.  The guide clearly states, “Our goal is to make sure Facebook is a brand people can trust.”  It goes on to explain the do's and don’ts of customizing images and modifying screenshots while not infringing on the Facebook look and structure.   The best part?  The guide is to help you, the user, help them communicate their brand effectively.  Isn’t that just genius?!

This got us thinking.  Legally, we usually see companies set up trade secret policies, social media policies, employee policies and the like for internal use only.  Why not create asset and logo guidelines for the public's use?  Whether this is a section in a business plan, social media plan, marketing plan or other method, providing a public plan for your customers and clients to read and follow is a clever idea. 

It provides the following benefits:

1.       Clear guidelines for your customers on how you want your company represented
2.       Provides a good marketing tool for your brand assets
3.       Shows customers you care about how your company is represented to the public
4.       It draws a clear brand picture for new customers

And asset and logo policy would seem helpful to all brand focused companies, which would be almost all companies these days.  Will you be creating one for your business?


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