This past March, an attorney who used to be a model, Bassil Hamideh (Hamideh) sued Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) for the unauthorized use of his photo taken in an old advertising campaign.  In 2002, D&G hired Hamideh and had him sign a release for the use of his image in various media.  He alleges that the release expired in 2003.  The interesting part of this case is that in 2012, Hamideh had sued D&G on behalf of another model client for unauthorized use of the client’s image in an advertisement.  That
lawsuit was dismissed.  Then, in what Hamideh claims is retaliation, D&G used photographs containing
Hamideh’s image from the 10 year old campaign in a recent Facebook advertisement.  

If you are a photographer, how many images do you have from years before that may strike a cord now? 
It’s possible you could find a gem of a photograph from a trip you took or a campaign you photographed years ago. Keeping good records of the model release and applicable photographs can be crucial if you intend to publish and monetize the work.

The take away: 1) make sure your releases cover anticipated and unanticipated technology and media uses 2) make sure your release is still in good order and effective.

We just uploaded our model release on our Products Page!


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